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Watchtower @ Roman Susan July 16 4-5 pm

Saturday, July 16 at 4 PM
@ Roman Susan, 1224 W Loyola Ave, Chicago IL

We move and use the body in alternative ways in order to challenge its domestication. We inhabit socially abnormal behaviors, for example the body as animal, aging, multi-gendered, deformed and full of contradictions. We act in good faith with each other, creating space for each person to be recognized equally and this practice is healing. Our work is responsive rather than scripted. The performance we pioneer must carry in its root, shoot and flower the revolutionary priorities of people, place, and taking time.

Watchtower is a collaborative performance ensemble comprised of Rosé Hernandez, Ginger Krebs, Bryan Saner, Aurora Tabar and Sara Zalek. United by their desire to realize a fully collaborative and democratic creative process, the group met regularly from 2011 through 2012. Their work culminated in the performance video, Watchtower 12-12-12, which was performed, filmed and presented within one week at New Capital Projects. After a ten year hiatus, the members of Watchtower reunite for a one-week residency at Roman Susan, and will share their findings during a public performance offering on Saturday, July 16 at 4pm.